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{{Wayback/doc}} pretende simplificar el proceso de enlace a archivos en la base de datos de internet "Wayback Machine".




The URL of the link that is being referenced in the Internet Archives.
title (optional)
The text label for the external link. If this is omitted, a generic 'Archive copy' label will be used.
date (optional, but recommend)
The Internet Archive timestamp (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) for the date of the archived page that is to be displayed. If provided, the Template will format the date and display it : Month-name, day-number, year. If omitted, the history of the referenced page will be listed instead. You must use the full 4 digits for the year, and 2 digits for month, day, hour minute and second. use leading zeros if necessary, and use a 24 hour clock for the time.


Link to page history, using a generic label
{{Wayback |url= }}
Copia de archivo en la Wayback Machine.
Link to page history, using a title rather than the generic label
{{Wayback |url= |title=Example Title }}
Example Title en la Wayback Machine.
Link to page history using a title, and displaying a particular archived date (2005-01-07, at 12:30 pm and 45 seconds.)
{{Wayback |url= |title=Example Title |date=20050107123045 }}
Example Title en la Wayback Machine (archivado en 2005-enero-7).

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